Phlebotomy Clinics

The quickest and most reliable way to get your blood tested is to book into one of our 100+ partner phlebotomy clinics. Taking a blood sample in store will allow us to take a greater quantity of blood and therefore run a greater range of tests. It also ensures that our couriers are able to get your sample directly to the laboratory so that you get your results, with your personalised doctor's report, the next day

Professional blood draw    |    Results next working day

Your results in three easy steps

We take your sample

In one of our 100+ nationwide partner phlebotomy clinics.

Your sample is delivered to us

We provide a courier service to collect from all our partner locations

Receive your results the next day

We provide a secure link to your results and personalised report from our doctors.

What is the testing process?

Get booked in

Find your local Phlebotomy Clinic and get yourself booked in for the blood test of your choice.

Give your sample

At the clinic, the phlebotomist will take your blood sample. This usually takes no more than ten minutes.

Receive Results

That day, a courier will collect your blood sample from the clinic and take it to the laboratory. You will receive your results, with your personalised GP’s report, the next day.

How do I read my results?

Laboratory results are provided with reference ranges which are based on the normal test results of a large group of healthy people from the same age group and gender as yourself.

Sometimes, healthy people get results outside the reference range, while people with health problems can have results in the normal range. If your results fall outside the reference range, or if you have symptoms despite a normal result, you may require more testing or wish to discuss the result with your GP.

For simplicity, we provided your results graphically, so they are easy to understand. Any result flagged amber is outside of the standard range. Normal results are in green.

If you see ‘invalid result’ on any of your report pages, it’s nothing to worry about. Please call our Customer Service team on 020 7183 3718 and if required we will be able to arrange another blood test appointment free of charge or post you a home testing kit which you can post back to our laboratory

Download example results