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Why take a blood test?

Concerned about your health?

If you’re concerned about fatigue, tiredness, or any other symptoms, a blood test is the most effective way of detecting underlying health issues.

Want to monitor a health condition?

If you’re concerned or living with a disorder or illness, a blood test can be an effective way to detect or monitor an ongoing health issue.

Want to lift your performance?

If you’re training for an event or keen to monitor your fitness progress, a blood test is a fantastic place to start.

Which blood test is right for you?
It isn’t always easy to detect underlying health issues. Whether you have noticed changes in how you feel or are just curious about what’s happening inside your body, we have the test for you.
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Our team of physicians is made up of some of the best in the field, including consultant pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists, haematologists and general practitioners who work together to provide you with a clear picture of your current health. High ethical standards and a commitment to excellence are at the heart of their work at London Medical Laboratory.

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Real life stories

“I was tired and feeling cold at strange times. After taking the thyroid test, my TSH levels were elevated, and I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. A quick and easy test that has changed my life”

Chira, Thyroid Function

“I changed my lifestyle and now regulate my sugar intake, religiously check my HbA1c every month and complete our well-man blood test every 6 months”

Vikram, General Health Profile

“Being adopted, I have always been unsure of my medical history, so getting some insight was important to me… a positive and enlightening experience from start to finish”

Sam, Well Man Blood Test

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