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Sports Fitness Profile


An essential profile for anyone wanting to check their fitness – either before starting a programme, or to monitor progress during one.

Full blood count, liver, kidneys, cholesterol, iron status, ferritin, CRP, vitamins D & B12, and testosterone are all analysed to identify if there is anything likely to stop your from being your best.

Due to the number of biomarkers this test needs a phlebotomy sample.

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Onsite Test

Visit us at one of our convenient test locations, and we will take your blood. You will select your appointment time and location during the checkout process.


At Home Phlebotomy

A professional phlebotomist will take your blood from the comfort of your home or office on the day of your choosing. You will select your appointment time and location during the checkout process. 18+ only.


This test is not available for fingerprick testing

Sports Fitness Profile requires a blood draw only suitable to be taken by professional phlebotomy services

What can I expect from Sports Fitness Profile?

If you want to know what your blood can tell you about your fitness – either before starting a programme, or to monitor progress during one., this is the profile for you.

It includes all the essential biomarkers that are of interest to a sports person - a Full Blood Count, Liver & Kidney function profile, Iron levels, Ferritin, Heart & Muscle Enzymes, Cholesterol profile, Inflammation, Magnesium, Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 and Testosterone

We are able to monitor and track these results over time to see how well your body is functioning in response to your exercise regime and flag up anything that may need to be looked at.

Due to the size of this profile and the inclusion of a full blood count we need a phlebotomy sample which you can give at any one of our 100+ locations around the UK.

What gets tested?

Muscle & Bone (3 health indicators)

Your blood can give very useful indications of the health of your muscle and bones

Liver Function (8 health indicators)

The liver is responsible for many of the body's essential functions such as regulating blood sugar levels, fighting infections and detoxifying your blood. Good liver function is vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

Full Blood Count (24 health indicators)

A full blood count (FBC) is a common blood test that gives a snapshot of your general health. It measures different types of cells in your blood, such as red blood cells, which carry oxygen; white blood cells, which fight infection; and platelets, which help blood to clot. This test can help diagnose conditions like anemia, infections, and even effects of chemotherapy. It also assists doctors in monitoring overall health and the impact of ongoing treatments, ensuring that any significant changes are noted and addressed promptly.

Kidney Function (3 health indicators)

Your kidneys play a vital role in keeping your body functioning including the removal of waste products, releasing hormones to regulate blood pressure and controlling the production of red blood cells. A healthy kidney function is vital to your overall health and wellbeing.

Iron Studies (5 health indicators)

Iron studies are a set of blood tests used to measure the amount of iron carried in the blood and stored in the bodies tissues. Iron deficiency can be the cause of a wide range of symptoms such as fatigue, chest pains and a shortness of breath. 

Cholesterol (6 health indicators)

High cholesterol levels can cause your arteries to become blocked - leading to coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Finding out about high levels of cholesterol can help you to make the positive lifestyle and dietary changes needed to improve your chances of a long and healthy life.

Inflammation (1 health indicators)

Inflammation is a process by which your body's white blood cells protect you from infection from external bacteria and viruses. Checking for inflammation can help diagnose a wide range of conditions.

Hormones (1 health indicators)

Hormones are biochemical substances produced by various glands in the body, forming a part of the endocrine system. They are secreted directly into the bloodstream and travel to specific organs or tissues where they exert their effects. 

Hormones act as chemical messengers and play a crucial role in regulating many physiological processes in the body.

Gout (1 health indicators)

Gout is a common and complex form of arthritis that can affect anyone and is caused by high levels of uric acid. Once diagnosed there are ways to manage symptoms and prevent recurrence.

Vitamins (2 health indicators)

Vitamins are a group of substances that our bodies need for normal cell function, growth and development. Vitamin deficiencies can be the cause of a wide range of common symptoms and conditions. 

How it works

Whether you use a home test or have your sample taken with one of our trained phlebotomists, our blood tests are quick and easy to use.

Give your sample

At home, or in one of our testing locations.

Send us your sample

We provide pre-paid postage for your at home samples and an overnight courier service for phlebotomy samples.

Receive your results

We provide a secure link to your results and our doctor’s comprehensive report.
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How do I read my results?

Laboratory results are provided with reference ranges which are based on the normal test results of a large group of healthy people from the same age group and gender as yourself.

Sometimes, healthy people get results outside the reference range, while people with health problems can have results in the normal range. If your results fall outside the reference range, or if you have symptoms despite a normal result, you may require more testing or wish to discuss the result with your GP.

For simplicity, we provided your results graphically, so they are easy to understand. Any result flagged amber is outside of the standard range. Normal results are in green.

If you see ‘invalid result’ on any of your report pages, it’s nothing to worry about. Please call our Customer Service team on 020 7183 3718 and if required we will be able to arrange another blood test appointment free of charge or post you a home testing kit which you can post back to our laboratory

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Our team of physicians is made up of some of the best in the field, including consultant pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists, haematologists and general practitioners who work together to provide you with a clear picture of your current health. High ethical standards and a commitment to excellence are at the heart of their work at London Medical Laboratory.

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