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Welcome to London Medical Laboratory, where we strive to provide exceptional diagnostic programs tailored to your needs.

Our comprehensive range of services, including home and in-clinic testing options, ensures that health checking is a breeze for your valued clients.

Personalised reports
Lab testing
Sample logistics and fulfillment
Testing kits
Results and education
Scientific and clinical advisory
API platform

Booking and Consultation

Receive detailed and personalized reports that offer valuable insights into your clients' health. Our clinical advisory and governance teams work diligently to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Lab Testing

Entrust your testing needs to our UKAS-accredited laboratories. These facilities adhere to ISO 15189 accreditations and are regulated by the CQC, guaranteeing precise and trustworthy results. We prioritize reducing error rates by implementing custom integrations that align with Health Level Seven (HL7) standards. In the rare event of failures or edge cases, our operational systems efficiently manage the situation to maintain an exceptional customer experience. If you have a preferred laboratory partner outside our distribution network, we can seamlessly integrate them within four weeks.

Sample Logistics and Fulfillment

Rest assured that our nationwide distribution network ensures efficient sample logistics. As the exclusive UK blood testing provider directly integrated with the Royal Mail Track24 service, we keep you informed throughout the entire process, from test kit receipt to results fulfillment.

Testing Kits

Whether your clients prefer the convenience of at-home testing or prefer in-clinic options, we cater to their preferences. Our services include home visits by experienced medical practitioners and access to various clinics across England.

Results and Escalation

Benefit from actionable health insights provided by our NHS-registered GPs. We deliver personalized reports and expert advice based on your clients' test results. If any health markers fall outside the normal range or require further attention, we promptly notify you to ensure appropriate escalation.

Scientific and Clinical Advisory

Our team comprises highly skilled doctors and research scientists who prioritize safety and stay up-to-date with the latest medical research. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we continually expand our blood test offerings and conduct our own clinical validation studies.

API Platform

Simplify integration with our easy-to-use application programming interface (API). We boast extensive experience integrating with partners, subcontractors, and third-party service providers. To facilitate a seamless integration process, we provide detailed API documentation and reliable developer support.

At London Medical Laboratory, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, accurate results, and valuable insights to support your clients' health journey.

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